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Welcome to Cabanova Blog!

September 15, 2011

Make money as a Cabanova Coupon Reseller

Coupon sites and programs, such as Groupon, are nowadays well trendy. They gained almost everyone interest and their popularity keeps increasing. At Cabanova, we couldn’t escape the wave and we came up with a new coupon concept, much easier to get benefits from. You can take part to the Cabanova Coupon Reseller program and start making money right away!
How it works:
1. Choose and activate your own coupon code by going to
You can for instance choose “SUPER” as coupon code, give it to everyone and refer them to Cabanova.
2. Sign up for a FREE Cabanova account if you’re not a Cabanova member yet.
3. Every new customer you refer to Cabanova and uses your coupon code when purchasing his first Cabanova package will get a 25% discount.
4. You earn a 25% commission from the net order value for every new customer who uses your coupon code.

A new customer orders a Shop package for 12 months and during the order process, he provides your coupon code:
Be creative and watch the commissions flow in

The Cabanova Coupon Reseller program allows you to quickly earn a nice extra income with investing no money and almost no time. All you need to do is to make sure your coupon code reaches to as many people as possible. Just use your creativity to find the most efficient way to advertise your coupon code.

You may simply provide your coupon code to any company, organization or individual in need for a Website and refer them to the great and easy to use Cabanova Sitebuilder.

The next door bakery or hairdresser as well as your best friend who needs a Website dedicated to his upcoming wedding; are all potential customers. You can find more ideas here to advertise your coupon code. The potential is huge since a large number of small and medium-sized companies have no or just an outdated Website.
Receiving your commissions

You can keep continuously an eye on your coupon statistics by logging into your Cabanova account and going to My Coupons section. From there you can request payouts a well as creating further coupon codes based on targets groups.

Take part to the Free Cabanova Coupon Reseller program and watch the commissions flow in!

We wish you much success with your coupon code!
Coupon Reseller program