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Stand out with a personalized domain

You get more than just a domain at Cabanova. Each domain comes with 50 free email accounts and with a total 25GB storage.

Enter the domain you want to register or transfer to Cabanova.

www. . Check domain
You must be the owner of the domain name you enter here if you want to transfer it to Cabanova.
The "Authorization-Code" (also known as EPP-key) is like a password for your domain, to protect your domain from being transferred by anybody but you. You must request your this code from your current registrar.
The domain name typed is invalid
Please type in a domain name
This domain is not registered. You can only transfer a domain that you already own.

What is a domain transfer and how does it work?

If you already own a personalized domain and want it to display your Cabanova website, then you must transfer the domain to Cabanova.

Please note that by choosing to transfer your domain from your current Registrar to Cabanova, the domain will be completely moved from your current Registrar and re-registered with Cabanova. But don't worry, you will remain the owner of your domain, and all this will happen automatically.

Cabanova does not charge any fee for the domain transfer, but the usual monthly fees apply (as shown on the right of this page)

Before going further and placing a domain transfer/re-registration order, please make sure you check the transferability of your domain with your current Registrar.

You must ask your current registrar the following two questions:

1. Does your current contract allow you to transfer your domain right now?

2. If yes, what is the "Authorization-Code" (also known as EPP-key) for your domain. The authorization code is like a password for your domain, to protect your domain from being transferred by anybody but you.

Once you have received the authorization code, you can start the domain transfer by filling in this form. If you would like further assistance in obtaining your authorization code, simply fill in the form without entering the authorization code, and one of our support team will contact you and advise you on how to proceed.

Each domain includes
Includes 50 email accounts
25 GB online storage
Free email support
Domains and Pricing
Top domains € 199 /month
.de, .com, .at, .ch, .es, .eu, .ro, .asia, .net, .name,,,, .mobi, .tel, .be, .dk, .fr, .nl, .pl,, .cc

New domains € 299 /month
.biz, .org, .info

€ 499 /month
.bike, .clothing, .holdings, .plumbing, .singles, .ventures, .guru, .camera, .equipment, .estate, .gallery, .graphics, .lighting, .photography, .construction, .contractors, .directory, .kitchen, .land, .technology, .today, .tips, .enterprises, .voyage, .sexy, .photos, .shoes, .careers, .recipes, .company, .cab, .domains, .limo, .center, .management, .systems, .academy, .computer, .menu, .bargains, .boutique, .build, .cheap, .zone, .cool, .watch, .condos, .maison, .properties, .tienda, .consulting, .social, .dating, .events, .partners, .productions, .archi, .cards, .catering, .cleaning, .community, .ink, .industries, .parts, .supplies, .supply, .tools, .fish, .report, .vision, .reviews, .blackfriday, .christmas, .pub, .exchange, .gripe, .moda, .associates, .lease, .media, .pictures, .kaufen, .fail, .financial, .limited, .wtf, .actor, .rocks, .capital, .care, .clinic, .dental, .surgery, .cash, .fund, .haus, .discount, .fitness, .furniture, .schule, .hamburg, .claims, .gratis, .audio, .hiphop, .juegos, .cologne, .koeln, .accountants, .digital, .insure, .versicherung, .church, .guide, .life, .loans, .website, .press, .host, .direct , .place, .bayern, .deals , .city, .voting, .healthcare, .business, .network, .pizza, .immo, .casa, .work, .forsale, .delivery, .band, .gives, .degree, .rip, .world , .download , .win , .loan , .racing , .accountant , .design , .lol , .online , .space , .fit , .fans , .plus , .college , .men , .dog , .golf , .hockey , .jewelry , .run , .taxi , .team , .theater , .tires , .tours

€ 799 /month
.diamonds, .tattoo, .berlin, .expert, .services, .engineering, .investments, .tax, .credit, .finance, .gr, .tech, .gold , .show

€ 1299 /month
.creditcard, .energy

Our Customer Protection Policy
All subscriptions are on a pre-paid basis, and will not be extended automatically. We will however, remind you to extend your subscription so you don’t forget.
Currency and Sales Tax
Prices listed are in EUR (€) and do not include sales tax.
* Includes a FREE custom domain of your choice with 50 email addresses. Choose from over 20 top level domain endings (for example .com, .info, .eu)

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