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Welcome to Cabanova Blog!

March 15, 2011

Search and you shall find

We have not been sitting still at Cabanova, and over the last weeks we have made a bunch of improvements to the website builder that you can use to make your site even better. Check out what we did:
1. Find what you are looking for in a flash

If you want let your website visitors search for any text within your site, including products within your e-commerce shop, then you can now insert the “Search” plug-in. As usual, it’s really easy to do: Start the website builder and in the “Insert” menu select “Search” and the plug-in will appear on your page. You can then move it to any position in your site via drag-and-drop. And here is our tip: this brand new plug-in can be inserted onto any page, but we recommend into the website template (so that it is automatically visible on every page in the same position).
2. Rename your website

Perhaps you made the decision what to name your website a little too fast and want to change it. This feature has become available right now. To do it, simply log in to your Cabanova account and in your “My Sites” overview you will see a link “Rename” next to your website name.
3. Animations – make your pages more dynamic

If you want to highlight particular themes or offers on your website, why not use animation to make them stand out? In the menu “Insert” select “Animation” and you will find a load of funky new animations that will bring your pages to life. From love hearts to telephones to chickens and bumblebees and Easter eggs, the list keeps on getting longer. But be careful, don’d add too many animations to a single page, or your visitors won’t be able to see the trees in the forest anymore!
4. Facebook & Co. – for promoting your website

Let your website visitors promote your website with a single click. Insert one or more of the new social media plug-ins into your site:
- “Like” buttons and other Facebook social plug-ins
- Twitter plug-in
- “Share” feature to let your visitors choose to share your page via Facebook, Twitter, Delicious, Buzz, MySpace, Google Bookmarks,, Digg, StumbleUpon, Blogger, LinkedIn, Add to Favorites.
5. New payment method bank transfer

If you are ordering from within the European Union you can now choose to pay for your domains or premium website packages via bank wire transfer. Choose this payment method at the end of your order process, and we will send you an email with detailed information on how to complete your payment.
We wish you even more success with your website with all these new features!
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