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Welcome to Cabanova Blog!

September 13, 2010

Generic Templates

I had a very interesting conversation over the phone with a friendly customer last Friday. She was having some difficulty understanding the concept of a site template as opposed to individual pages.

I explained to her that the template contains elements such as text and images that will automatically appear on EVERY page in her site, for example a company logo would be suitable there. The individual pages contain the text and other items that will only appear on the one page you insert them in. It is indeed not the easiest of concepts to understand if you have not used such a feature before in a program such as Powerpoint. I remember I used Powerpoint for a long time before I even knew there was a template mode.

This got me to thinking and we had some discussions on the subject here at the office, and we came to the following conclusion: We currently offer about 140 templates (not counting the color scheme variations), and they all contain predefined content (e.g. text and images) related to the subject of the website. This is a great feature that makes creating your web site very easy – but only if you understand the template concept because many of these subject-specific items are placed iside the template. If you don’t, which understandably a certain proportion of our members do not, then you will likely prefer to choose a template that is generic (contains no text or images specific to a subject). This will then be much easier to edit because you don’t ever actually need to go into the edit template mode. You can simply copy an item and paste it onto each page. It’s not necessarily the most efficient way to do it, but it works.

So we have decided to add a new category of templates, the “Generic” templates. Here we will add a number of templates without any predefined content. Hopefully this will help make creating a web site a little easier for some of our members.