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Discount Coupon Codes

Earning money as a Cabanova affiliate is not just restricted to online activities. You can advertise anywhere and everywhere with your personalized discount coupon code.
Your affiliate code doubles as a coupon code which you can then pass on to everybody. When they place their first order at Cabanova, they will use your coupon code to get a 25% discount, and at the same time you will also get credited with 25% of the net order value

Easy offline communication

With a discount coupon code you have a very simple way of communicating effectively as an affiliate. Profided you choose a code that is easy to remember, you can pass the code on to potential customers without having to be near a computer. The person you give the coupon code to has an incentive to use it when placing their first order because they will receive a 25% discount. And because the code you choose is unique, we can track it back to you and credit your affiliate account with 25% commission on the net order value.
You can print your coupon code on flyers, business cards, stick it in your car window - in fact you can display it almost anywhere!
Join the Cabanova affiliate program
Earn a 25% commission on new customers referred to us by you.
Your customers save 25% on their first order.
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