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Welcome to Cabanova Blog!

November 02, 2015

New HTML5 website builder with 50% introductory discount

Cabanova is well known to continuously keep up to date with evolving technology. When we released the very first edition of the sitebuilder back in 2001, it was based entirely on the Flash plug-in technology. Back then, and in the following years, there was no alternative for us, as no other technology allowed us to provide our members with such an easy and intuitive drag and drop interface.
If you already have a free website, log in to your Cabanova account and you can make the upgrade right away.

We wish you a great website building experience and a successful website.

Times are changing, and so are we!

Starting a couple of years ago, it was becoming apparent that the Flash plug-in would not be able to prevail amongst the new trends. Internet browsers such as Google Chrome have become much more powerful, and there has been a major increase in mobile Internet use, for which the Flash plug-in is not available on many modern smartphones. This prompted us to upgrade to newer available technology.

Step by step to the HTML5 website builder

As a first step we automatically published an HTML5 version of each website in addition to Flash. From that point on, all published websites were compatible with all smartphones and other devices that didn’t have the Flash plug-in installed. And as a further step we have now completely recreated the website builder in HTML5.

Alles ist NEU aber wir bleiben die Alten!

New website builder in HTML5 technology.
New and improved usability.
The world’s first website builder that is optimized for tablets and smartphones.
Google rates the mobile version of Cabanova websites with “Excellent”.

50% Discount when you

upgrade your free website

As a special introductory offer, we are offering you a 50% discount with the coupon code “HTML5”, when you upgrade your free website to any of our premium packages till 30.11.2015!

Promotional offer extended until 15th of December 2015

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