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Welcome to Cabanova Blog!

April 28, 2011

Three great new features

We just added three great new features to the Cabanova website builder:

  • Add animated effects to your text

  • Crop your images to fit anywhere

  • Search for templates using keywords
Add animated effects to your text

A lot of Cabanova members have been asking for the possibility to have animated text effects. We listened, and now we are pleased to announce that this brand new feature is online and available for you to use in your website. There are 5 effects to choose from right now, and we will be adding more in the coming weeks. To add an animated effect to your text, select the desired text box, or any text inside the box, and in the “Format” menu choose “Animate” and you will see the available effects. Text effects are applied to an entire text box. One great use for this new effect is to animate a headline you have one page to really attract the reader’s attention.
Crop your images to fit anywhere

Up until now there was no possibility to crop photos after you them inserted into your website. This was a little problematic, as not everyone has the tools on their computer to prepare an image in such a way before inserting it into their website. That’s why we developed this very useful tool. Simply upload any photo, select it and in the “Format” menu choose the new “Crop” tool. Now, instead of scaling the image as you drag its corners, it will crop the edges. An example where this crop tool is helpful is if you need to change either the width or height of a photo to make it fit exactly into your page layout. Scaling the image would distort it, but with the crop function it remains perfectly proportioned.
Search for templates using keywords

When you start a website from scratch, there are a lot of beautiful professionally made templates to choose from. On the one hand that’s great – more choice means a more individual and personal template, but it also can be difficult to find the most suitable for you. Now you can search for any template subject by typing in a keyword. Matching templates will automatically appear, filtering out all the irrelevant ones. If you prefer to take your time and browse through all the templates, you can still do so.
We hope these new features will be useful to you and help you make your website look even better. We would love to hear any ideas you may have on how we can help improve your website building experience with Cabanova. Just send us a mail with your comments.