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Welcome to Cabanova Blog!

March 28, 2012

Three hot new features for your website

Spring has just arrived and as the days start to get warmer we figured it’s a great time to bring you three hot new features that provide you with more flexibility and peace of mind when building your website.

More flexibility: Insert custom HTML content anywhere!

Do you want to add custom banners, widgets or other third-party HTML content in your website? Until now you have only been able to insert HTML content to be displayed above or below your website. Now you can place it anywhere in your website. Insert the new Custom HTML box on any page, resize it and paste in the HTML code you want to display.

You will find the plug-in here: Insert [a] > Widgets [b] > Custom HTML [c]
How do I insert custom HTML into my website?
More control: Add a “Favicon” to your website

“Favicon” is the word for that small icon that is displayed in your browser next to the URL when you load a website. It gives your website a nice professional touch, and you can now upload any image to use as the favicon for your website. Whether you have a simple image or you are a pro and have created a custom icon, log in to your account today, start the sitebuilder and upload it to your website template.

You can upload your favicon here: Template [a] > Favicon [b]
How do I insert custom HTML into my website?
More peace of mind: Retrieve all your uploaded elements

You never expect it to happen, but at some point it may – your hard drive crashes and you lose all your files. Or maybe you simply lost some files. Luckily, because you built your website online with Cabanova, your website remains available and is completely unaffected. And what if you need to recover all those files that you uploaded when you created your website? You can now recover all those files in the website builder – with a single click you can select to download a ZIP file containing all your files, helping you get back up and running again.

You can download your files here: File [a] > Backup Website [b] > Download all my files [c]
How can I download all the files that I have uploaded into my website?
Log in now and check out these great new features – we hope you have as much pleasure using them as we had creating them!