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Welcome to Cabanova Blog!

October 20, 2011

10 Years Cabanova – save 50% only until 31.10.2011

Time really seems to fly! Way back in 2001 the Cabanova website builder saw the light of day for the first time. At that time it was still a beta-version, but even then it received a very warm reception. Motivated by this endorsement from our members we developed a full version that met and exceeded their expectations at the time. Since then the Internet infrastructure has improved enormously (e.g. bandwidth increases and more powerful computers), allowing us to constantly add new and improved features to the sitebuilder.

10x thank you to all our members
At this point we say a big THANK YOU to all Cabanova customers. And especially to those of you who have stayed with us throughout the years and have also recommended our website builder to your friends and acquaintances. You have given us useful tips that helped us improve our products and service, and also invaluable feedback in the unlikely case that there was a technical problem. You have brought smiles to the faces of our support team by showing your appreciation of their help by sending flowers and chocolates. These are the things that make us love what we do, and spur us on to keep up the good work in the future. Thank you again – without you this would never have been possible.
Cabanova TX – 10 years of experience packed into one product
With the latest version of our sitebuilder (4th generation) we are frequently surprised to see how our members have created stunning websites, using the available features in unusual and creative ways. Because of the flexible nature of Cabanova almost anything is possible. Whether it’s a completely individualized template, a fully featured e-commerce shop or the multitude of social media plug-ins – the sitebuilder is so customizable that it almost can’t be classified as a “website builder” anymore.
We are really looking forward to the next 10 years
The Internet is evolving rapidly. The things that are trendy today can quickly become old and forgotten tomorrow. Just as in the past ten years we are well aware of this, and that’s why we are constantly on the ball to keep the sitebuilder up to date and future-proof. We will remain true to our principles over the next ten years, and will continue to keep Cabanova up to the latest technical standards, doing our best to be ahead of our time.
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We look forward to the next ten years and wish you a rewarding website building experience.