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Welcome to Cabanova Blog!

March 2, 2011

February 2011 in review

We have been very busy throughout February, making mot only updates in the sitebuilder, but also in My Cabanova and the sign-up process:

  • Bank transfer as payment option was extended to all Eurozone

  • A bunch of new romantic elements were added

  • New plug-in for sharing pages

  • New plug-in for a full website text search

  • It’s now possible to rename websites

  • Sign-up process was simplified

Bank transfer as payment option was extended to all Eurozone
Until now, only members from Romania were able to pay for their orders via bank transfer. We extended that to all members from all countries within the Eurozone.

A bunch of new romantic elements were added
February the 14th was Valentines day, and what better way to show your affection to your loved one than creating a romantic website! We added a bunch of new elements in the sitebuilder to help create that romantic mood for Cabanova websites.

Three new romantic templates were made by our pro designer Sanjeev, including texts, images and navigation, making it easier than ever to get started.
Valentine's Day templates
Three new picture frames with love hearts and warm colors included were released also. Any picture inserted in a site can be framed at the touch of a button, and it’s even possible to adjust the the thickness of each frame.
For those members who like a more dynamic site, we added some new snowing hearts animations which can be placed over any items, including text and images.

New plug-in for sharing pages
We made a plugin that makes it much easier for people visiting Cabanova member websites to share the pages if they like them. This plug-in is automatically placed above each free member’s published site, and members with premium accounts can insert this plug-in and place it anywhere on their website pages. There are links in the plugin to share the page via Facebook, Twitter, Delicious, Buzz, MySpace, Google Bookmarks,, Digg, StumbleUpon, Blogger, LinkedIn, Add to Favorites.
New plug-in for a full website text search
This is definitely one of our favorite plug-ins of all time – every Cabanova site can now be fully text searched. This brand new plug-in can be inserted onto any page, or as we recommend into the website template (so that it is automatically visible on every page in the same position). In just a few days it will also be extended to also include all categories and products with then e-commerce shops. Check out the screenshot:
It’s now possible to rename websites
We get a lot of requests from members who would like to change the name of their websites, and that simply hasn’t been possible until now. We don’t like saying no to our members, so we added this functionality in My Cabanova. Next to every website you have there is now a link “Rename”, which allows anyone to quickly change the name of their site. This is an important feature, because the name of a website is used to determine it’s website address. For example, a website named “myrecipes” has the URL

Sign-up process was simplified
The sign-up process was a little more complicated than necessary until now, so we streamlined it to let anyone sign up without leaving our home page, and the website builder then starts automatically and briefly explains what the three steps in creating a website are:

1. Choose a template

2. Add text, images and more

3. Save and publish your website