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Welcome to Cabanova Blog!

March 30, 2011

Earn up to $2.000 with Cabanova!

There are still many thousands of companies who have an old and outdated website, or don’t even have a website at all. The most common reason for this is because these small companies simply do not have the time or resources available. For them, keeping the daily business up and running is by far the most important, leaving little or no time for advertising and marketing.
Earn up to $2000 or more by using your know-how to benefit your customers
Surely there is also potential in your own environment to find people who need a new website. And because you already know how the Cabanova website builder works, you can also offer to build websites for those who need them. There are over 80 business industries each with their own templates that even include lots of text and images. Besides businesses, there are also many templates for clubs and organizations. Whether it’s for your local tennis club or the pizzeria around the corner, website solutions are just a click away. And also when it comes to private subjects we have a lot to offer. Every wedding should be accompanied by a website these days, just like every rock band also must have one. As you can see, there are near limitless possibilities for creating websites – everyone needs a website for one reason or another.
Fair prices for your customers
Here is an example of the kind of offer you can present to businesses, clubs and organizations:
Please note – this is merely an example of how you can set your prices. You can also put your own packages and combinations of features together. This way you can offer extended services, that we have available in the website builder:

- Integration of social networks such as Facebook
- Google Analytics for website statistics
- Full text search
- Create surveys
- Embed YouTube movies
- Mobile version of the websites
- Connect directly to Flickr
- Guest books
- And much more

To generate more revenue from your customers you can also offer to take care of their website maintenance and updates. You could for example offer this service for a monthly fee, or based on hours worked for a fixed hourly rate.
As you can see it is very easy to generate an extra source of income for yourself using the Cabanova website builder. But neverthelss your success depends upon the following factors:

- Creativity
- Willpower
- Reliability
- Customer-friendliness

We wish you a lot of success!