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Welcome to Cabanova Blog!

October 7, 2010

Hidden features

It’s been a while since I didn’t write a post here… oops did I ever?
I have so many things floating in my head, like a constant dialogue with you, the Cabanova user, that I tend to forget that I never got myself together to write them down.
So, let’s try a quick start here. Better short than too late.
I’ll make a brief introduction of myself. I have been working with Cabanova since 2004 and I do Flash. Especially that part of Flash that has more to do with thousands of lines of code and less with the cool factor. I started as a Flash programmer, and now I lead the programming team for a couple of years. So I happen to know quite a bit about what’s going under the hood in Cabanova. The funny part is that this uncommon might of mine will not particularly help me understand what’s going on above the hood, meaning on your desk, on your screen. That’s a different story. UX, User Experience, is the fancy name they give it these days. The more you get into architecting the “how”, the more you lose contact with the “what” and, most importantly, with the “why”. But that’s why we are a team. A small but focused team. Each of us, besides his particular qualification is concerned with the whole project and never loses you, the end user, from sight. At least most of the time.
Now, as you have a bit of the picture, I’ll speak about a set of features, like a small “hidden treasures” in Cabanova. I guess (actually, I know, as we did research on feature usage, but don’t tell anybody), few of you know about their existence. It might not be hard to figure out that these features have more to do with the programming team, and less with the UX designers.
Have you ever tried clicking the Recycle Bin icon? You will get a window with all your deleted objects, elements and pages too.
You can drag stuff around! Almost from any place, to any place: elements from the stage to the Recycle Bin, elements from the stage to another page in the structure, pages from the structure to another point in structure, pages from the structure to the Recycle Bin, and back from the Bin to the stage or to the structure.
Press CONTROL while dragging and instead of a move, you will get a copy operation.
This way, you can use the Recycle window as a clipboard to help you with repeated complex inserts. It is designed to work like that, so use it with no fear. You will soon realize that Cabanova can be more productive than other expensive desktop software. Just one more thing before I go to make your life even better. Have you ever cared about how much webspace you use? If you use mostly images, you shouldn’t, really. Because once uploaded in Cabanova, images are optimized so they don’t use much of your precious webspace and make your site load faster for your visitors.
Also, if you use one image several times, it will only be stored once. That holds true even for Gallery images. You can check, if you add the same image from your computer twice, the second insert is instant. No upload progress at all. The system knows that the file is already on the Cabanova server and uses it.