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Welcome to Cabanova Blog!

August 30, 2011

Cabanova Reseller version is available right now

Perhaps you are one of our members who use the Cabanova website builder to build sites for various business and organizations? Many of our members, from individuals to freelancers and advertising agencies, offer their customers website packages. Depending on the number of pages and the features included in the websites (e.g. e-commerce shop), they charge upwards of $500 for creating a website. And depending on what their customers want, the prices can go much higher.
A lot of these companies would like to keep their websites up to date themselves once the initial sitebuilding has been completed. To allow this, the member who created the website had to send the login information to their customers. They would then see however, that their website was built using Cabanova, and that the monthly fees were very low. It would often cause a misunderstanding as to why it cost $500 to get the website built, because Cabanova costs so little.
We have now solved this problem with the Cabanova VIP Reseller Club.

This is how the VIP Reseller Club works
1. As the reseller you set up a new website for your customer in your account

2. Once you have finished building the website, you can add as many logins
as you need in the website builder

3. You pass on these logins and a link to a generic de-branded page to your customers

4. Your customers log in and a de-branded version of the website builder loads.
Your customers have no access to your Cabanova account.

5. They can edit and publish their own website.

Save 50% on all Business and Shop packages
When you become a member of the Cabanova VIP Reseller Club, you get a 50% on all Business and Shop package orders. This also includes future subscription extensions, and also for any website subscriptions you started even before you became a reseller.

For only $ 34.90 p.m. you can join the VIP Reseller Club, and get the 50% discount.
Why does it make sense?

For example: You create 7 Business and 3 Shop websites for customers
The more websites you manage, the more money you can save.

Find out more and become a member of the Cabanova VIP Reseller Club today.

We wish you a successful business
Cabanova VIP Reseller Club