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Web Hosting Providers / ISPs

A new product for your customers

Everyone provides web space and domains these days. And that’s simply not enough any more to attract new customers. By offering a unique and powerful value-added product you can set yourself ahead of your competitors. That is exactly where Cabanova fits in. With a range of powerful yet easy to use features it is possible to inspire a large target group. Whether business, private or club - Cabanova offers over 1000 templates complete with predefined texts for over 120 different topics.

Depending on your requirements the sitebuilder can be Cabanova branded, co-branded or de-branded. And, of course, we need to integrate the website builder into your existing system configuration. This process will take less time than you expect. of course pricing is also a subject that needs to be discussed on an individual basis. For everything there is a solution. That’s what Cabanova is all about.
Let's discuss how you can attract and retain more customers with Cabanova.
You can reach us at +49 211-3033.183, or send us an email.