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Earn commission as an affiliate

We have developed an affiliate program that you can use to earn commission quickly and easily, simply by recommending our innovative website builder.
All you need to do is recommend us to anyone who could be interested in building a website, whether they are your friends, family, acquaintances or in fact anyone and everyone! When they place their first order at Cabanova, they will receive a 25% discount on their first order, and at the same time you will also receive a 25% commission on the net value of the order.

Three ways to earn commission

When you build and publish a free website, you are automatically an affiliate. A Cabanova banner is displayed on your website, and anyone who clicks on the banner and places an order within 1 year entitles you to commission. You can choose which banner style and size you want to use in your website. Of course you can also place as many Cabanova banners as you like in your Cabanova Business or Shop website.
Place a Cabanova banner on any external website and earn commission on clicks that lead to sales. You can also link any text or image on your web pages to Cabanova and earn commission.
The affiliate codes you choose also double as discount coupon codes. This means you can use your affiliate codes in any offline advertising activities. For example you can print flyers with your affiliate code communicated as a discount coupon code.
Advantages of joining the Cabanova affiliate program
The Cabanova website builder is a great product to sell! It is one of the most innovative, flexible and easy to use website builders in the world.
You earn a 25% commission from the net order value for every new customer referred to us by you .
New customers will also get a 25% discount on their first order.
You can choose your own affiliate code, which also doubles as a discount coupon code.
Becoming an affiliate is FREE.
It takes less than a minute to sign up.
10 Examples how you can distribute your coupon code
  1. Post it on Facebook, MySpace and Google+

  2. Tweet it to the world

  3. Make a blog post

  4. Send an email to all your contacts

  5. Place a banner on your website

  6. Hang a sign in your car window

  7. Print flyers, leaflets or posters and distribute them

  8. Print an eye-catching t-shirt with the coupon code and URL

  9. Make postcards and send them or give them away

  10. Tell everyone you know!

Requirements to become an affiliate
Almost anyone can can become a Cabanova Coupon Reseller. There are only two requirements:
1. You must be at least 18 years old
2. You must have a PayPal account for us to pay your earnings to
Terms of Service for the Cabanova affiliate program
Earnings will be paid out to verified payPal accounts only. You can already choose a coupon code and distribute before you have verified your payPal account.

We will only make commission payouts for orders for which we have received the invoiced amount, plus a 30-day redemption period. The minimum commission payout amount is EUR 50.
Join the Cabanova affiliate program
Earn a 25% commission on new customers referred to us by you.
Your customers save 25% on their first order.
Do you already have a Cabanova account?