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Sitebuilder for Dealer networks

The challenge

We could tell you a great deal about the integration of distributors in your marketing-mix, and how you can successfully apply this in your communication-mix. That would be a good starting point. But there is a faster way. Let’s take a look at the solution we created for Hyundai!

The Hyundai germany website is of the best quality. Obviously the company also wants all the Hyundai dealers to have websites of the same quality. But that is easier said than done.

Each hyundai dealer receives a complete set of corporate design and identity guidelines. And what do their websites end up looking like? Everything, but not a professional Internet presence. We call these websites “Nephew” sites. Every boss has a nephew who says he can “build a website himself”, supposedly really well, really quickly, and really cheap. And that’s exactly what it ends up looking like. Especially cheap. But we also understand the dealer - his main concern is selling cars from his lot - he doesn’t want to spend time programming websites.

Unfortunately a terrible website will not sell any cars, and it ruins the company’s image. That doesn’t help the dealer, and it certainly doesn’t help Hyundai. And that’s exactly where Cabanova enters the game!

The Cabanova solution

We take the Cabanova website builder and customize it to match the needs of hyundai, and of the dealers. This can even go so far as to only let the dealer upload a logo. Not much can go wrong there. Even better is this: We give the Hyundai dealer an almost complete website with a well thought out structure and professional texts. Each page can be restricted to allow or disallow the dealer to edit it - it’s entirely up to the manufacturer. If the manufacturer puts new products on the market, they can automatically be added to all the dealer websites.

We also create custom modules that an individual dealer could never afford to get produced for himself. For example, a “Multibrand” module where he can present various other brands and models of products. There are thousands of ways to optimize the co-operation between the manufacturer and the dealers in the Internet. And everyone benefits. Both the manufacturer and the dealer can increase their turnover while at the same time reducing costs. And the end consumer gets a user-friendly online experience.

Advantages of the Cabanova sitebuilder for dealer networks

New value-added service for your dealers
Keep your dealers' websites up-to-date
Address more potential end-customers
Strong influence on design and content of dealer websites
New communication channel
First Mover (before your competitors do it)
Easy way to build a website
Professional communication
Increased customer loyalty
Modules specific to needs
The manufacturer takes care of updates
No technical skills required
Possibility for e-commerce
Let's discuss how you and your dealers can benefit from Cabanova.
You can reach us at +49 211-3033.183, or send us an email.