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Cabanova represents the spirit of small businesses who are the real motor of the economy. It is a way of life that is a balance between hard work and play, a statement against the formality and bureaucracy of the corporate environment. It is being driven by a desire for freedom and independence through entrepreneurship in a professional yet informal environment. It is about inspiring others and being inspired. It is a feeling of self-responsibility and the comfort and appreciation of being a small business. It is the adventure of following your own dream and striving for success.

Karl Weyers
Managing director

Sebastian Schmitz
Managing director

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The Cabanova Story
When we started our first business 12 years ago, we did so because we wanted to be independent and have control over the decisions we made and the way we ran things. We founded Efirst as an Internet agency providing individualized web solutions. We were able to snag one large company as a customer who provided us with over 80% of our turnover for 10 years. We soon realized that our independence had transformed into dependence, the customer had gained control over us, because we knew if we lost them, our company would be in really big trouble.

We started Cabanova not just because we thought it was a great idea, but also because we wanted more freedom and independence. We could decide what to develop and how to present it. We would have the freedom to work from wherever we want - there are no one-to-one meetings with clients.

We value our freedom and independence more than anything, and we love the advantages and possibilities that being a small business offers. We have had opportunities to get large investments, but deep down inside we knew we didn’t really want that - it would mean there would be people breathing down our necks with nothing other than the bottom line on their minds. For us it’s not about the money. We value the quality of life we can enjoy every single day - and that can’t be bought for any price. And Cabanova offers exactly that to like-minded small businesses.

We don’t like the formal environments of large corporations, or the requirements to wear a suit to the office every day. We prefer the informal and non beaurocratic environment that is so much more enjoyable to be in. We don’t make our decisions to please any shareholders.

The amazing thing is that without even realizing it, this company Cabanova that we have created represents our personal values and beliefs perfectly. We have developed an online website builder that allows anyone to create a website all by himself, without the need to rely on anybody else to do it for them. They have the freedom to log-in and edit their website whenever they want and from wherever they want. The sitebuilder also offers an unparalleled flexibility for designing websites, allowing members to be creative and build their vision exactly as they imagine it.

And that’s why we love to get up every morning and come in to the office to continue fulfilling our dream and helping and inspiring others to fulfill theirs. We are informal professionals with a passion for what we do. And through Cabanova, we can share that passion with you. It’s all about making the world a more livable and enjoyable place.
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