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Commission from Cabanova Websites

Cabanova banners are not just for Cabanova websites. You can also earn commission by placing a Cabanova affiliate banner in any external (non-Cabanova) website.
If someone clicks the Cabanova banner and becomes a paying customer within 1 year, you will receive a 25% commission on the net value of their first order. The new customer also gets a 25% discount on the order.

Easy banner code generator

There are lots of banners for you to choose from - they vary in shape, size, style and colors. You can use our simple affiliate banner code generator to choose the perfect banner for your website with your affiliate code connected. The only requirement is that you have a free Cabanova account.
Join the Cabanova affiliate program
Earn a 25% commission on new customers referred to us by you.
Your customers save 25% on their first order.
Do you already have a Cabanova account?