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Business Solutions

The all rounder

The Cabanova website builder is suitable for every purpose, except brewing coffee. Whether you want to set up your dealer network online, add a new product in your web hosting portfolio or simply want as a community-binding tool, you can do it all together with Cabanova. The possibilities are endless. With Cabanova you can reach your advertising targets, increase your turnover and reduce costs. What more could you possibly need - except for coffee?

Dealer Networks

We could tell you a great deal about the integration of distributors in your marketing-mix, and how you can successfully apply this in your communication-mix. That would be a good starting point.
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Web Hosting Providers / ISPs

Everyone provides web space and domains these days. And that’s simply not enough any more to attract new customers. By offering a unique and powerful value-added product such as Cabanova you can set yourself ahead of your competitors.
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Communities & Co

It's been happening since the stone age already: Your customers are promoting your company. What has changed is how they do this. Let them build their website with Cabanova, and you control the advertising.
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Do you want a website builder AND a coffee?
We would love to meet you for a coffee and discuss how Cabanova can benefit your business - call us at +49 211-3033.183, or send us an email.