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Commission from Cabanova Websites

If someone clicks the Cabanova affiliate banner in your website and becomes a paying customer within 1 year, you will receive a 25% commission on the net value of their first order. The new customer also gets a 25% discount on the order.

Banners in your free websites

Not only can you build Cabanova websites for free, but you can also earn money with them. Each website you build automatically contains a banner with your unique affiliate code. You can choose the size, shape and design style of your banner, and position it anywhere within your pages. This allows you to place it seamlessly into your website design.

Banners in your premium websites

When you upgrade to a premium package (e.g. Business or Shop) the Cabanova banner is automatically removed from your website. You can however, easily insert Cabanova banners into your website and earn commission as an affiliate.
Tips for earning more commission

Make your website as visually appealing as possible. The better a website looks, the longer people will stay on it.

Your website content needs to be interesting and well-structured.

Add relevant search terms as text throughout your website This will help people find your website at and other search engines.

Get as many links to your website as possible from other websites. For example directories, blogs, social media etc.

Make sure the Cabanova banner is located in a prominent position.

Recommend Cabanova personally on your website.

Join the Cabanova affiliate program
Earn a 25% commission on new customers referred to us by you.
Your customers save 25% on their first order.
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