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Cabanova Designer Edition – the CMS System for web designers

The ideal content management system!

What’s the point in getting annoyed about unreliable and expensive programmers? The smart designer solves this problem by creating business, private or organization websites directly using the the Cabanova Designer Edition. When you as a web designer use the Cabanova content management system it will take care of the programming for you, increasing your profit margins and reducing your dependency on expensive and HTML programmers. With the Cabanova Designer Edition you have easy, fast and reliable web content management.
Simplify your workflow and reduce costs easily!
With the Cabanova Designer Edition
CMS system you get will save 50%
on ALL Cabanova products you order.
This includes domain and website package subscriptions.
With this flexible content management system you retain your freedom as a web designer, whilst being able to create high value website designs that have the professional look and feel of individually crafted designer websites.
This is because the Cabanova CMS system doesn't force you to adhere to certain design restrictions, but allows you to create a your websites freely and without an existing template. This lets you as the CMS web designer get on with your work in the content management system.
What that means for you as a web designer: You can design your websites directly in the Cabanova content management system, so you don’t even need to design the pages in Photoshop first!

CMS Software with de-branded login page and editor for your Customers

Do your customers request a content management CMS which they can use to update the content themselves - from any location and at any time? When you sign up for the Cabanova Designer Edition you can provide your clients with a login page and editor that are free of any Cabanova logos and references. This lets you keep control, and allows your customers to edit their websites.

You can create multiple logins for each website in your Designer Edition Account allowing your customers to access the editor in a neutral environment. What your clients DO NOT SEE is any information regarding the pricing of their website at Cabanova, or any other of your websites or personal information. All they can do is login directly to the website editor.

Workflow when creating a custom website with the Cabanova Designer Edition

Step 1

Meeting(s) with the client
Concept & project briefing
Website structure
Cost proposal and timing


Step 2

Create a new website
Order Cabanova package
Website design prototype
Changes and fine tuning
Customer approval


Step 3

Text and image editing
Plug-in integration
Changes and additions


Step 4

Fine tuning
Search engine optimization
Publish LIVE
on custom domain


Step 5

Create client logins
Train clients on editing
Analysis and reporting


We ensure that all your customer requests are doable

Experience has taught us that every customer has individual feature requests for their website. This often includes small applications that need to custom-programmed for the client. At Cabanova we are continuously developing new modules and plug-ins to allow you to fulfill these requests with needing to do any programming.

On top of that we have developed a Custom-HTML plug-in that allows to to insert all kinds of externally programmed features directly into the Cabanova website. We know how important it is that you are able to add extra applications if needed, even if they are not already present as plug-ins in Cabanova. Whether you have database applications, widgets, or anything else, you can add it all into a Cabanove website.

The online content management system with almost unlimited options: Shop system, plug-ins, HTML5 - everything can be done without any programming in the Cabanova CMS system for web designers.

Do you still believe that it is too complicated for you as a designer to create a complete online e-commerce shop with multi-level product categories, various payment and shipping options and sales tax rates? With the Cabanova CMS for websites those days are over! You can now quickly and easily use the content management system to create a shop with all these features and more, without and programming skills, to meet the requirements of your clients.

You are one step ahead as a designer using the web CMS: Your client wants a stunning image gallery that looks great on smartphones and tablets such as iPhones and iPads? is just as easily done as it is said with the Cabanova website CMS. That’s because image galleries and all other plug-ins are optimized for display in HTML5 and/or Flash depending on the device and browser. It’s the perfect option for web designers without HTML5 programming skills, using the content management software.

Six reasons the Cabanova Designer Edition is right for you as a web designer:

Individual designs - no matter the design you have in mind - you can build it

Save programming costs with the CMS system

Integrate fully-featured online shops without and programming

Professional features and plug-ins easily added via drag and drop

Content Management System with neutral Login for your clients

Websites are published in HTML5 (and Flash)