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Build websites with Cabanova: There’s nothing easier!

Build websites from more than 1,000 designs for free at the click of a mouse: Cabanova TX makes website creation into a ‘drag and drop’ exercise – with additional services for companies, right up to fully-fledged shop solutions

Düsseldorf, September 13th 2010.Cabanova – one of the most successful services for the creation of top-quality websites with over 750,000 customers – today launched the Cabanova TX, the latest version of its successful ‘site builder’. Private individuals, self-employed people and companies can realize their own internet presence – without any specialist knowledge – using the Flash-based Cabanova TX. With no handbook and no training, all you need to do is register and get started.

Operation of Cabanova TX is totally intuitive and what you see is what you get. All the elements can be worked on, relocated and scaled up or down quickly and easily without any initial training. Anyone who can move a mouse can build an appealing website for themselves. That is also true for the insertion of external contents, such as videos from YouTube, photos from Flickr or Picasa, maps from Yahoo Maps or music. You can log in from any computer with an internet connection and update your web pages from any location. There’s nothing easier!

There are virtually unlimited design options. For a quick start, Cabanova TX offers more than 1,000 stylish website designs created by professional graphic designers, and there are appropriate templates available with individual texts for more than 80 different lines of business. All the templates can be completely personalized and adapted to any corporate design without any problems.

Cabanova has the data hosted at a professional datacenter in Düsseldorf, so there is no need for users to concern themselves about data security.

The provision of free e-mail and telephone support by a dedicated team is standard for all Cabanova versions. Otherwise the five service levels distinguish themselves as follows (with each higher version always covering all the functions of the previous levels):

  • Free: the free version offers provision for five pages to be filed totaling 50 MB of data with a monthly data transfer of up to 1 GB. The package also includes a free webmail account.
  • Starter:for €2.99 per month you get ten pages, increased storage space (500 MB), more reliable data transfer (of up to 5 GB) and a website free of advertising.
  • Economy:twenty pages, 2 GB storage space, 10 GB data traffic and a mobile site builder for €4.99 a month.
  • Business:unlimited freedom for your company website with an unlimited number of pages, 5 GB of storage space and unlimited data transfer for €9.99 a month.
  • Shop:the shop option is available for web shop operators and offers 10 GB of data along with a professional e-commerce solution including payment processing through PayPal and credit cards.

“There are plenty of ‘website building kits’ available on the German-language internet, yet there is no supplier to be found that has truly dedicated itself to this kind of service provision. It is clear to see that it is always by-products that they are offering”, notes Karl Weyers, chief executive and co-founder of Cabanova. “Private users, clubs, self-employed people or companies can simply get on with building their website with our service. ‘Simply a website’ – that is our philosophy, and our new version has benefited from ten years of experience and more than three years of programming work by our development team.”

A profile of Cabanova
Cabanova provides a free website-building service through , which can be extended with fee-paying services, right through to a complete company website incorporating an online shop system. Cabanova TX is a completely new development, and carries the success story forward that began in 2001 with the first flash site building service in Germany. Currently more than 750,000 customers use Cabanova to develop their own websites inexpensively and without any external assistance. Find out more at

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