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Maximize your profit by using the best tools

You can use our Content Management System to create and publish great websites, AND at the same time earn a good income by doing so. Benefit from the advantages that the Cabanova Designer Edition has to offer!
For only $ 34,90/Month
you get the Designer Edition with these features:
Save 50% on every order - ON EVERYTHING!

Aside from the many other advantages of the Designer Edition, you can save hundreds of dollars each year depending on the amount of clients you build websites for.

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Your advantages as a web designer when using the Cabanova Designer Edition content management system:

You provide your clients with fully customized designs using the best CMS.
Your websites will not look or feel as though they have been made using content management software.
Design and programming in one single step
Save time and money a CMS system that programs your pages automatically.
No outside expenses or waiting for programming
Money you would normally have to pay to a programmer becomes pure profit for you.
Loads of professional features, e.g. galleries, social plug-ins, movies...
You can charge your clients for every feature you include, without you having to program a single line of HTML code. That’s the way web content management should be!
Fulfill your clients’ individual needs
With the “Insert Custom HTML” feature you can add any plug-ins, modules and features that are not already included in the site CMS.
Optimal rendering of websites in HTML5 and Flash, depending on the browser and device loading the website
That’s a major selling point, something our competitors simply can’t offer.
Provide a professional content management system
Your clients can edit their websites anytime and anywhere with the Cabanova content management CMS.
Generic de-branded login to the content management system for your clients
Your clients can’t see what prices you are paying for their website subscription - all they can do is edit their websites.
Websites can be upgraded to include full e-commerce shops
Give your clients complete online shops without any programming required. It’s a great source of extra revenue for you as an up-selling option.
The Cabanova web CMS is kept up-to-date with new plug-ins and features
As new technologies are developed, we use these to program new features that let you provide your clients with the most modern website possible.
The websites you build for your clients are published with search engine optimization in mind.
Search engine friendly HTML source code ensures a solid foundation for getting listed in search engines such as Google and Bing.
We are there to help you!
You can contact us any time if you have questions about anything related to your Cabanova websites. We are not a call-center, but offer friendly, personal and above all professional support.
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