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Example pricing when building custom websites for your clients with Cabanova

The prices you charge your clients for building their websites depend on their complexity, the nature of the client (e.g. multi-national company or small local business), whether you write the texts etc.

We have created an example pricing model that you could use to sell your services to potential clients. This is just an example - you can charge any amount you like.

We wish you good luck with your clients!

Standard Design        
Custom Design        
Correction rounds 1   1   2   2   3
Pages Max. 3   Max. 6   Max. 6   Max. 10   Max. 15
Images Max. 5   Max. 10   Max. 10   Max. 15   Max. 20
Contact Form Standard   Standard   Detail   Detail   Unique
Online Shop        
Google Map        
Image Gallery  
(incl. 5 Images)
(incl. 10 Images)
(incl. 15 Images)
(incl. 20 Images)
  $ 699   $ 1399   $ 1999   $ 2799   n.a.

Use the Cabanova Designer Edition to your advantage

Many designers are already taking advantage of the benefits that the Cabanova CMS provides. We would love hear your story and add here it as a testimonial.

Our customers are saying:

Sibylle in der Schmitten:
I really enjoy using Cabanova.

I searched a long time for a website builder that gives me the amount of flexibility I need as a designer to create sites. Cabanova is the perfect marriage between a sitebuilder and a content management system. I haven’t seen anything else that even comes close.
Nicole Niersbach:
Being an industrial supplier one has very little time to spend on communication because of the intensity of the daily business. Nevertheless our website is and was our most important tool to communicate with existing customers and to come into contact with potential new customers.

With the Cabanova service we found the ideal partner to re-launch our website. Because the software is so easy to use, I am now finally also able to keep the website updated myself. And even if I get into any difficulty I have my personal representative who is always there for me when I need help and advice. Great stuff and keep it up!
Berthold Steffgen:
I was very satisfied with the competent advice I received and the speedy production of the new website. As the operator of a retirement home it is especially necessary for us to keep our website up to date at all times. Now that we can edit our website ourselves we can save a lot of time and money without the quality suffering.

The positive feedback we have received for our new website confirms to me that I made the right decision to choose Cabanova as our service provider.
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