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3 Items
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See how many pages you can insert in your DIY website.
Choose from more than 1000 template combinations including pre-defined texts for over 120 subjects optimized for your business, club or organization. You can also create your own template from scratch.
Web space is used for saving your website and all the files you upload such as images and videos
Every time someone visits your website, traffic is generated. You don't really need to worry about this because at Cabanova all our packages have unlimited traffic (within reasonable limits)
The Cabanova website builder has been around for 10 years and is currently in the fourth generation. Thanks to continuous and ongoing development we ensure that we are always up-to-date with the latest Internet trends and technology. For example, your published website can be viewed on all kinds of devices, such as desktop computers, tablets (e.g. iPad) and smartphones.
All websites, including free ones, are search engine friendly, and you can add meta titles, keywords and more. Get added features with the Business and Shop packages such as detailed statistics about the visitors to your website with Google Analytics, get reports about your website visibility on Google with Google Webmaster tools and generate a Google sitemap.

The Features Megapack includes:

- Texts
- Images
- Photo galleries
- Movies, YouTube movies
- Yahoo! maps
- Full site text search
- Picasa and Flickr connect
- Facebook plug-ins
- Twitter
- Share page
- Forms
- Buttons
- Animations
- Sounds
- Shapes
- Flash games
- Tables
- Guestbooks
- Counters
- Polls
- Print page
Your published website will be free of advertising and Cabanova branding, giving it a professional image.
Includes a FREE custom domain of your choice with 50 email addresses. Choose from over 20 top level domain endings (for example .com, .info, .eu)
Make a version of your website that is optimized for display on mobile devices such as smartphones.
Increase your turnover with an online e-commerce shop loaded with features:
- Up to 10000 products sorted into categories and sub-categories
- Images and text descriptions
- Product attributes such as colors and sizes
- Shipping and handling fees
- Various payment methods such as Paypal, COD, Bank wire transfer