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How can I track my website activity with Google Analytics?
Posted by Sebastian Schmitz on 27 July 2011 10:26 AM

Google analytics is a free service offered by Google that generates detailed statistics about the visitors to your website. In order to track your site activity accurately with Google Analytics, all you need to do is follow the instructions below.

In the website builder, select the “File” tab and hit the “SEO” icon [a]:

In the "File" menu select "SEO"

A popup will open, where you must select the tab “Google Analytics” [b]:

Select the tab "Google Analytics"

In a new browser window, go to the Google Analytics website and sign (if you already have an account) [c] or sign up (if you do not already have an account) [d]:

Sign in to your Google Analytics account

After you are logged in, on the overview page select “+ Add new account” [e]:

Add new account

In the page that follows, hit “Sign Up >” [f]

Add new account

A page will load where you must enter your general website information. In the first field “Website’s URL” [g], enter the exact URL that is displayed in the Cabanova website builder in the Google Analytics settings popup [h] (for

Enter the URL of your website

In the same form enter a name for your account and the relevant time zone, then hit “Continue >” [i]

In the following page, enter your contact information and hit “Continue >

On the next page accept the terms and conditions and then hit “Create New Account >

A page will now be displayed which tells you to “Paste this code on to your site”. The code displayed includes a Web Property ID (in the format UA-xxxxxx-x). Select and copy only this Web Property ID [k]:

Copy the Web Property ID

Back in the Cabanova web editor, paste the code into the field marked Web Property ID [m] and close the popup by hitting “OK” [n]:

Enter the Web Property ID

Now publish your website by navigating to “File” and then “Publish Live

Go back to your Google Analytics page and hit the “Save and Finish” button at the bottom of the page. You will now see your website listed in your overview. You will see a warning icon in the status column [o], but this will change to a green check after a wait of up to 12 hours when Google has verified you have entered the Web Property ID in your website correctly.

Your Google Analytics is set up

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