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Is HTML5 better than Flash?
Posted by Sebastian Schmitz on 07 August 2012 04:38 PM
Both Flash and HTML5 have advantages and disadvantages, and in their current state of development we see both as complementary as opposed to competing technologies.

There are a number of factors that need to be taken into consideration when comparing Flash and HTML5:

1. Features
Both Flash and HTML5 offer similar features for published websites, but currently Flash is superior regarding a truly rich interactive environment such as the Cabanova website builder editing environment.

2. Consistency
One of the biggest advantages of Flash is that your website will look the same on almost all combinations of platform, operating system and browser. Because each Browser has integrated the HTML5 standard differently, there can be variations in the way a website is displayed. For example a font may look slightly different (be bigger or smaller, fatter or thinner). Your Cabanova website will look the most consistent in Flash, you will need to accept the fact that your HTML5 site will not look exactly the same everywhere.

3. Performance
Performance depends a lot on the feature being used, how it has been programmed and the device used to view it. It is not possible to say in general that either technology has a better performance. Regarding your Cabanova there is an important difference: your published website will load much faster in HTML5 than in Flash. This is because our Flash “engine” must be loaded by the browser before your website is displayed, which is not the case with your HTML5 published site.

4. Cross-platform reach
On desktops and notebooks Flash has a far higher penetration (over 99%) than HTML5 (50%). This is because HTML5 is still a new technology that many older browsers that are still being used do not support. On modern tablets (e.g. iPads) and smartphones (e.g. iPhones) HTML5 has the highest penetration because most of these mobile devices do not support the Flash plugin at all. That’s why your Cabanova website is published in both Flash and HTML5 format.

5 Search engine compatibility
Both Flash and HTML5 websites can be indexed by search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. The effectiveness using either technology depends more the programming of each. With Cabanova your Website is SEO friendly in both formats.
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