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Why also publish my website in HTML5 and not just Flash?
Posted by Sebastian Schmitz on 07 August 2012 04:31 PM
The Cabanova website builder was first launched in 2002. Back then using the Adobe Flash plugin was the only way possible to create and publish creative design-oriented websites in a drag and drop editing environment. It was the obvious choice because the Flash plugin was installed in over 95% of all desktop computers and there was no such thing as tablets and smartphones.

In recent years technology has progressed and aside from desktop computers and notebooks, an ever increasing amount of online time is spent on mobile devices such as tablets (e.g. iPads, Android, Windows) and smartphones (e.g. iPhone, Android and Windows). Most of these mobile devices do not support the Adobe Flash plugin. Any Flash web content can not be displayed in these devices.

At Cabanova we believe that your website should be viewable not only on desktop computers but also tablets and smartphones. That’s why our engineers have spent the last year programming a solution that will publish your website in HTML5, because that’s the format supported by these modern devices. One of the considerations that was most important to us was that you should not need to build your entire Flash website again from scratch in HTML5 in order for it to work on iPads and iPhones etc.

The result is that you still create and edit your website using the Flash plugin, and when you publish your site, both a Flash and an HTML5 version are generated simultaneously. The main benefit of this solution is that there is still a notable percentage of people who are using older web browsers on their desktop computers that do not support HTML5. Instead, most of these (99%, according to Adobe) have the Flash plugin installed. This ensures the maximum possible compatibility of your website in the various computer platforms and browsers. It will still take a number of years before HTML5 will have the same penetration in desktops computers as Flash does today.

The Cabanova website builder editing environment is still in Flash, because it allows us to offer you unparalleled ease of use, flexibility, control when building your website.
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