Unbeatable savings during the world cup in Brazil

World Cup Brazil Special - Make a beautiful website

It’s finally here – the waiting is over!

The football world cup has begun and we look forward to experiencing exciting and action packed matches.

For this occasion we have prepared an unbeatable offer for the entire duration of the world cup:

50% Discount off everything!*

Simply enter the coupon code GOAL at the checkout to benefit from this special offer.

» Save 50% Now

Let’s all enjoy the world cup in Brazil 2014!

* Offer applies to website packages only (both for new subscriptions and extensions).
  Domain subscriptions are excluded from the promotion.

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More visitors and more turnover with new top level domains

More visitors and more turnover with new top level domains

For a long time the new top level domains could only be reserved. Now the time has finally come that you can order domains with these new endings directly at Cabanova.

Advantages of the new domains

As you probably are aware, most of your website visitors come to your website via Google. Their market share is extremely high, for example in the USA it’s 66.7%, in Germany 90.5% and in France 91.6% (as of Q1 2014).

Better search engine rankings means more visitors

More visitors and more turnover with new top level domainsOne of the many criteria that Google uses to rank your website in it’s search engine results is your domain name. If you include keywords relevant to your website in your domain name, it adds value to your search eingine ranking, to help you get a better listing than your competitors. This leads to more visitors whach leads to more turnover.

Thanks to the new top level domains, your custom domain my be available now

register new domainsThanks to the new top level domains you now have the opportunity to register domains which include keywords that were previously already taken. On top of that, there is also a good chance that the new domain endings themselves (e.g. .computer or .berlin) will be used as a criteria by Google when ranking your website.

Don’t miss this chance to secure a domain with one of the new endings, before your keywords are taken.

You can use our domain checker to see if the domain you are looking for is available with one of the new top level endings.
» Domain checker


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Customized Website Builder for Vodafone Germany Launched

Cabanova GmbH has launched a customized website builder for Vodafone franchise partners in Germany. Based on the powerful Cabanova sitebuilder, this customized version provides tailor-made solutions for both Vodafone GmbH and its franchise store operators. The stores now have an easy to use tool available to quickly build a website that looks great, and Vodafone is able to keep all these websites up to date via a centralized content management system.

Customized Website Builder for Vodafone Germany - Published Website

The customization included creating a special template in Vodafone style, restricting what the franchisee can do inside the editor, and creating new specialized plug-ins. The most significant feature is a complete content management tool. Vodafone content editors have the ability to edit certain areas of the websites, allowing them to keep all the sites up to date with the latest phones, news and special offers. The franchisees love this feature too, because they can focus on their daily business selling phones and contracts at their shops, knowing that they don’t need to spend hours each week trying to keep their sites up to date.

Customized Website Builder - Editor

Advantages for the Vodafone Stores

  • Easy to build website
    The website can be built quickly and easily using the intuitive drag and drop interface. No technical skills or programming is required.
  • Great value for money
    Instead of paying an Internet agency thousands of euros a year to get their website programmed and maintained, they now pay a very low monthly fee.
  • Professional communication
    Vodafone has very precise guidelines defining how a website must look in order to maintain a consistent corporate identity. Using the Cabanova customized website builder the Vodafone store doesn’t need to learn these rules because all sites are automatically styleguide conform.
  • Tailor-made modules
    New modules have been created especially for the Vodafone sitebuilder. For example, at the click of a button a module displaying the latest mobile phones can be inserted onto a page.
  • Website is always up to date
    Because Vodafone maintains large portions of the website, it is always up to date with the latest phones, tariffs and special offers, whether the Vodafone shop owner logs in and edits their website or not.
  • Optimized for SEO
    It is important that the websites can be found in the major search engines, and with the Cabanova customized website builder all the necessary tools and optimized HTML source code are provided.

Website SEO

Advantages for Vodafone GmbH

  • Value-added service for dealers
    The dealers are provided with a customized tool that saves them time and money. They don’t need to learn the Vodafone corporate identity or spend thousands of euros getting their websites programmed.
  • Franchisee websites are kept up to date
    Without a centralized website builder, Vodafone has no control over the content in the individual store sites. With the Cabanova customized sitebuilder, Vodafone has complete control over major sections of all the websites, enabling them to keep the content up to date, and communicate exactly what they want.
  • Address more potential end-consumers
    Because of the advantages of the new sitebuilder, more Vodafone stores create websites, widening the potential reach of Vodafone, whilst maintaining the regional character of each website.
  • New communication channel
    With these websites a new communication channel has been created, providing Vodafone with a new way to provide regional information, special offers, competitions etc.

If you think a customized Cabanova website builder can benefit your company too, please contact us today – getting set up is probably a smaller investment than you expect!


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50 new templates for the spring

The first rays of the sun are about to shine through – spring is waiting just around the corner.

This could be the right time to give your website a spring sparkle, time for a new and up to date design.

Your new website design is just a few mouse-clicks away! Simply choose a new design, format the content and your website will be shiny and new. It’s quick, easy, and doesn’t cost you a penny more to impress your visitors with a website refresh.

Here is a preview of the new creative template designs:
(Click the image to open in full size)

We invite you to dig in to our beautiful new templates right away and as always to enjoy your sitebuilding experience!

For New Users: You can try them out directly in the sitebuilder. Simply create a new free website, choose one of the templates (you will find them showcased in the section “New Template”) and get creative!

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Donate 1 euro and receive a 50% discount

Donate 1 euro and receive a 50% discount

More than 2000 km from Bucharest to Düsseldorf

Donate 1 euro and receive a 50% discountCabanova is sponsoring an unusual bet. Sebastian Schmitz (Manager Cabanova) will try to cycle the distance from Bucharest to Düsseldorf. For every traveled kilometer, Cabanova will donate 1 euro to the SOS Children’s Villages Bucharest.

The Cabanova users can get involved in this event too. For every donation of minimum 1 euro they will receive a discount code.

Great 50% discount on every new order placed for a website package or domain name

Great 50% discount on every new order placed for a website package or domain name

As soon as you’ve made a minimum donation of 1 euro, you will receive a discount coupon code. When you place an order at Cabanova, please enter this code in the checkout page and you will instantly get a 50% discount. The coupon code is valid until 31st of October 2013 and can be used for every new website package (Business or Shop) or domain name. Depending on your order details, you can save more than 200 euros.

The discount coupon can be obtained until the 21st of July 2013, end-date of the route Bucharest-Düsseldorf.

Other details about the cycling race from Bucharest to Düsseldorf, including Live Tracking, route, guestbook, and more you will find here: http://www.ro2de.org

» Donate now a minimum 1 euro and get your 50% discount code.

You can do it Sebastian! We wish you an easy journey and hope to see you arrive safely in Düsseldorf. All the Cabanova Team is keeping their fingers crossed for you to meet this challenge head on.

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