More visitors and more turnover with new top level domains

More visitors and more turnover with new top level domains

For a long time the new top level domains could only be reserved. Now the time has finally come that you can order domains with these new endings directly at Cabanova.

Advantages of the new domains

As you probably are aware, most of your website visitors come to your website via Google. Their market share is extremely high, for example in the USA it’s 66.7%, in Germany 90.5% and in France 91.6% (as of Q1 2014).

Better search engine rankings means more visitors

More visitors and more turnover with new top level domainsOne of the many criteria that Google uses to rank your website in it’s search engine results is your domain name. If you include keywords relevant to your website in your domain name, it adds value to your search eingine ranking, to help you get a better listing than your competitors. This leads to more visitors whach leads to more turnover.

Thanks to the new top level domains, your custom domain my be available now

register new domainsThanks to the new top level domains you now have the opportunity to register domains which include keywords that were previously already taken. On top of that, there is also a good chance that the new domain endings themselves (e.g. .computer or .berlin) will be used as a criteria by Google when ranking your website.

Don’t miss this chance to secure a domain with one of the new endings, before your keywords are taken.

You can use our domain checker to see if the domain you are looking for is available with one of the new top level endings.
» Domain checker


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