Save 50% with the Cabanova spring refresher

Super spring fever 50% domain discount

Spring is upon us once again and to get you warmed up and ready for the summer we have a hot deal to offer you.

Get a scorching 50% discount on domains with our most popular endings (e.g. .com,, .net, .info, .org and many more) when you use the discount coupon code “SPRING”.

Attract more visitors to your website with multiple domains

A well selected domain name can help increase traffic to your website.

For example, if your domain contains keywords that people use to search at Google and co. you have a higher chance that your website will have a better placement in the search engine results. This leads to more visitors to your site which in turn can increase your number of customers and revenue!

You can multiply this effect at Cabanova because you can attach more than one domain to a single website.

Check to see if the domains you need are available now, and save a refreshing 50%!

* Offer applies only to new domain registrations. Prices exclude 19% sales tax.

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