Cabanova – Google SEO Guide

Cabanova Google SEO Guide

Cabanova built Websites are SEO friendly and a huge amount of work has been already done in the background to make them easily indexable by search engines.

A part of the SEO aspects are handled automatically and require no User intervention.

Another part needs to be handled manually by the User though and to ease it up for you; we came up with an SEO guide based on the Google SEO Starter Guide.

The Cabanova – Google SEO Guide comes with additional sections through which we explain in detail how advices within the Google SEO Starter Guide can be applied to a Cabanova built Website.

After going through the SEO Guide, you’ll be surely surprised by the fact that SEO process is not that technical at all and it’s just a bunch of a little small details which need to be taken into consideration when thinking, building and updating your Website.

All put together, these small details will have a significant positive impact on your Website ranking.

Here is a brief summary of the Cabanova – SEO Guide content – You can reach a section by clicking on it:

1. Introduction
The introduction contains a table of content through which you can reach any section or subsection of the SEO Guide… Go to Cabanova – Google SEO Guide introduction

2. SEO Basics
SEO Basics section covers the Meta Data SEO aspect and helps you to set it right for your Website pages… find out more about SEO Basics

3. Improving Structure
Improving your Webpages URLs structure and making your Website easy to navigate are the main aspects covered by this section… Read more about how to improve the structure of your Cabanova Website

4. Optimizing Content
The quality of the content you offer through your Website has incredibly a huge impact on your Website ranking. An easy and comprehensive Website for visitors is an easy and comprehensive Website for search engines… find out more about how to optimize your Cabanova Website content

5. Dealing with Crawlers
This section helps you understand the robot.txt file use and how to fight spam comment through your Website… find out more about Dealing with Crawlers

6. Promotion and Analysis
You’ll find in this section useful information on how to promote your Website in the right way and how to optimize it for search engines by using SEO Tools… find out how to promote your Cabanova Website in the right way and how to use Webmaster Tools

The Cabanova – Google SEO Guide is available for download in PDF format.

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