Cabanova website builder with HTML5 technology.

Publish your website in Flash and HTML5 for maximum compatibility
We have spent the last 10 years creating and perfecting the cabanova website builder. What you may not know is that the easier we make it for you to build your website, the more complicated it is for our engineers to program it. In fact, Cabanova contains more than 250000 lines of code!

The sitebuilder is currently in the fourth generation, and our mission has always been to be at the leading edge of new web technology and innovation. That’s why the website builder uses Flash technology, because it offers an unparalleled environment for you to edit and publish your website. There is no other technology out there (yet) that can be used to give you as much flexibility and control when building your website.

HTML5 is the latest “technology” that is sweeping across the Internet. It is a fantastic development that offers great improvements in support for multimedia and provides a way to create more powerful interactive and dynamic websites. In a way you could say that HTML5 is a step closer to being able to do the same as what Flash has been able to do already for a number of years, but without the need to install a plug-in.

At Cabanova we embrace the new possibilities that HTML5 provides, one of which being that it is now possible to publish a website in HTML5 to look nearly the same as a Flash website. We have been developing Cabanova in HTML5 for over a year now, and the result is sensational! Each time you build and publish a free or premium website with Cabanova, we don’t just publish it in Flash, but also in HTML5 (and XHTML for older phones with web browsers). That ensures that your published site can be viewed on virtually any modern browser on desktop computers, notebooks, tablets (such as iPads) and modern smartphones like iPhone and Android phones.

The result of this mixture of complementary technologies is that you have the best of both worlds – you can still create your website in the unparalleled Flash website builder, and when you hit “publish”, you know it will be visible on virtually every modern device out there.

As the Internet evolves and new technologies are introduced, Cabanova will be there to take advantage of the new opportunities they provide and pass them on to you.

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