Newsletter Nr. 52: Share your galleries

Do you have a cool gallery in your website? Would like your friends to be able to embed it into their websites, even though they are not made with Cabanova?

This brand new feature is available for you in the website builder right now! All you need to do is log in to the editor and follow these steps:

1. Select the gallery you want to share
2. In the “format” menu hit the “embed” icon and a pop-up will appear.
3. Customize it by entering the dimensions and desired background color.
4. Copy the embed code

You can then simply paste this embed code into any HTML website source code, or send it to your friends so that they can add it into their own websites.

You will find a more detailed explanation on how to get the embed code in our help and support center.

Coming soon:
We are currently extending this new feature to enable you to also embed other Cabanova plug-ins such as your guest books, polls and even the e-commerce shop.

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