Don’t microwave your hard work

Back in my college days I had a friend of a friend who was a bit of a procrastinator, and on one occasion he had to write an essay to be handed in the very next day. He had been given a month, but now there was only one day left, so he got up early in the morning and spent the whole day sitting at his computer in his pajamas, writing this essay. His early morning courage had turned into afternoon desperation, which then turned to evening exhilaration as he realized he was as good as finished. He went to the microwave to warm up his leftover noodles from lunch, in preparation for his final couple of paragraphs. The end was in sight. As soon as he started the microwave, a fuse blew and all the power in the room went off, including his computer. There was an almighty roar as my friend turned to towards his computer with a look of horror in his eyes as if he was looking at an egg timer counting down to Armageddon. He said: “I have just lost my entire day’s work, I didn’t save it, I can’t possibly start it again – damn microwave”, and then he threw the microwave out the window which promptly hit an old lady walking by on the head and killed her.

A lot of us have probably been in a similar situation at some stage in our lives, maybe not as extreme as the one described above, but no matter how much or how little of your work you lose, it is extremely annoying and time-wasting. What makes it worse is the knowledge that you could easily have saved your work at regular intervals and avoided this situation in the first place.

When it comes to building websites, it is no different. You never know what might happen as you are building your site, whether it is having a power outage, or having a computer crash to name just a few. With Cabanova and a little bit of regular saving, you can have the satisfaction of knowing you will not lose hours worth of work in an instant.

Save a Draft

You can save a draft version of your website, which means you will save the current state, but it is not yet visible to your visitors online. We know it can be hard work coming up with content for your web pages, and it can take a long time. So you need not worry about your visitors seeing a half-finished website online. Thats why we recommend to save your site every 10 to 15 minutes – it only takes a few seconds, but can save you hours! Once your entire update is ready you can then publish it live.

Export and Import

And you can go even one step further – by exporting your website. This means you can save your Cabanova website entirely onto your own computer, and you can load it again at any time to revert back to it.

Export Site feature

Because the Cabanova sitebuilder is a unique system, your exported website will not be viewable from your computer – it will only work inside the Cabanova sitebuilder environment.

So please, don’t let happen to you what happened to my friend – save regularly, don’t microwave your hard work!

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