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Make a beautiful website for free

Design and build a professional HTML5 website for yourself, your business or club.
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The best tools available for building your stunning website.

Easy WYSIWYG site building tools
Thanks to the intuitive drag and drop interface, you can create your company Website in just a few clicks and with no programming skills. Simply insert elements and customize them to suit your needs by resizing, rotating, moving them and more...What you see is exactly what you get.
Website Builder
Beautiful Templates
To help you get started with your Website, our professional designers have prepared over 1000 templates for you to choose from. The templates include industry-specific content which you can fully customize to fit your CORPORATE WEBSITE needs. You can also create your own template to give your company Website a unique design.
Website Templates for business Website
It's packed with features
Insert any of these items into your website:
- Text
- Images
- Buttons
- Shapes
- Tables
- Counters
- Contact forms
- Guest books
- Facebook plug-ins
- Twitter plug-in
- Share page
- Polls
- Full Text Search
- Photo galleries
- Guest books
- Embed YouTube movies
- Animations
- Google Analytics
- Flash games
- Sounds & music
- Google Maps
- Embed external HTML pages
- Password-protected pages
- Hidden pages
Functions for business Website
Increase your sales with your own online shop
Online Shop for Company
Add an online shop to your company Website in just a few clicks and start selling products online right away!
Your website is tablet and smartphone compatible
Create a Mobile Website
Create a mobile version of your website optimized for display in phones with browsers.
Build an SEO-friendly website and connect with Google Webmaster Tools and more
Search Engine Friendly Website
Integrated Google Sitemap, Google Webmaster Tools, search engine relevant keywords and URLs and much more
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